Gemini Croquettes

Gemini Croquettes

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Croquettes to choose between:
-Potato chorizo ​​with honey from Monte Vol'g
-Went'ros cheeks in red wine
-T'ulk goat roll with caramelized onion.
-Black pudding with fig jam
-Tuna with wakame and wasabi
-Vegan soy
-Mixed: one of each.


The most famous of all the Federation planets. Despite being a large intergalactic corporation, its artisanal and manual production does not vary in any of its factories. Due to the quality of the native products of the different planets, the nuances of each flavor can be tasted in each bite.

They are famous for their annual contest with a trip to Paradise Fhloston, but since the Great Incident of 2259, it is no longer celebrated. Let's hope they resume the contest.