What is Mundorum Viator

Mundorum Viator is a beer bar for world travelers (as indicated by its translation from Latin), lovers of the literary current of space travel and science fiction, as well as television series and movies on the rise on the same theme. The name refers to every time you read or watch a series, you are transported to each of those worlds.



The reason this project exists is to be able to offer themed products in great detail for lovers of new experiences, especially those related to space travel and science fiction.

We want to offer the most natural, curious and tasty products, creating an immersive and personalized sensory experience in two themes: medieval fantasy and science fiction. We select the best local, national and exceptionally international artisan products.

Definitely. Mundorum Viator is the geek adventure companion , who accompanies those adventurers who want to venture into the world of space and who is in charge of maximizing the experience of the protagonist whose partner he is, making him feel comfortable and guiding him through this journey.

Why choose handmade products?

  • Because being made by hand, fewer chemicals are used and therefore, the products are more natural.
  • Because the initiative of new small companies is promoted (and with it new small illusions)

Why choose mainly national products?

  • Because internal trade is promoted, and therefore the country's economy grows.
  • Because there is less pollution in the transport of merchandise, collaborating with a more ecological and lasting world.

Why choose more natural products?

  • Because natural products carry all the nutrients that food should provide you, while the most processed ones lose the vast majority in the process.
  • Because being natural, its flavor is genuine and free of chemicals.

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