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Ingredients: Black tea blend from Ceylon and Assam. With theine.

Black tea blend from Ceylon and Assam

Better known as English Breakfast, this tea comes from Sri Lanka, an island that was colonized by the English until 1948, when it was called Ceylon . It also contains tea from Assam, a region of the Indian country that produces mostly black tea and many of it is of the highest quality.

We call black tea the variety of teas that has a degree of oxidation of 100%. This is because during the manufacturing process the cells of the leaves break, causing a chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air, resulting in a blackish or brownish color in the threads. Given this, we can identify black tea in a first impression, by the appearance of its dry threads.

When drinking black tea, we find ourselves with a liquor with a more intense character than white or green tea. In some varieties we can perceive smoky notes, wood, tobacco and cocoa; in others, floral, red fruit and raisin notes abound. We can enjoy a wide variety of black tea with very different profiles between each type, even if they belong to the same group, due to the variety of terroirs where it is made.

Preparation: In the West they generally prepare black tea at a temperature of 75ºC to 95ºC and the time that the strands must remain in contact with water, or infusion time, is 3' to 4'. It is ideal to be consumed before meals, since it prepares the digestive system to work correctly.

To take it according to tradition, sugar should not be added, but tastes have changed since then and you can sweeten it with honey, sweetener and other sweeteners to taste.

Black tea pairing:

Although black tea is generally accompanied by sweet food, such as scones, cakes, pastries or chocolate, it is also a great companion to salty food. Go ahead and try the black tea accompanied by cheeses, cold cuts, cheese dumplings, stuffed breads, cakes or some meats!

Properties of black tea:

  1. Helps reduce cholesterol
  2. Helps keep arteries healthy and can prevent heart disease
  3. Protects the immune system and helps fight infections
  4. Due to its fluoride content, it helps prevent cavities and oral diseases.
  5. Helps reduce blood sugar levels
  6. Helps reduce stress
  7. Helps control blood pressure
  8. Activates the mind, improves concentration and favors memory