Astromona Le Terrible IPA 33 cl

Astromona Le Terrible IPA 33 cl

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A beer with a golden-yellow colour, somewhat cloudy and with a good crown of medium-density foam and good retention.
Complex aroma thanks to the dry-hopping of its mixture of hops. Very tropical where mango and pineapple stand out, also finding more subtle pine and earthy notes. Malt slightly present.
The taste accompanies the smell, finding those same tropical aromas that end in a moderately intense and very pleasant bitterness. Although complex it is easy to drink. The aftertaste is pleasant and of medium duration, as is its carbonation.
It is, in short, an IPA that surprises for escaping from the tropical/citrus mix, very fresh and complex but at the same time inviting a long drink. With a very modern cut, it is perfect for lovers of this type of beers.
MALTS: Golden Promise, Carapils, Oats.
HOPS: Simcoe, Mosaic, Columbus.
YEAST: Nottingham.

Volume: 330 ml. 6.4% Vol. Alc. 43 IBUs

Origin : Valladolid

Variety: Modern IPA